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Reflections on Bowie’s creative journey

by Maja S. Todorovi In January 8, 2017, we celebrated David Bowie’s 70th birthday and marked a year of his passing. Let us remember how great artist he was: Ever since I was a little kid, as a great fan of gothic and mythological stories, my first recollection of David Bowie has to do with […]

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Writing and reading and reading about writing

by Kelsie Engen The moment you think you know everything about writing, that’s the moment your writing plateaus. Last week I talked about why writers should read voraciously. But that was a post focused on fiction. You know, reading in the genre you write. For instance, if you write fantasy, you ought to be familiar […]

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Thoughts for the mature writer

by Lauren Sapala Age can be a touchy topic for artists of all types. There’s a glamorous myth that says all the geniuses come into their talent at a young age, and by the time they’re 30 they have already reached astonishing heights of prowess. But like so many other sexy tales that figure […]

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Tips about Self-Publishing

by J.U. Scribe It’s been over a year since I published my book, Before the Legend. This past year I’ve learned so much about self-publishing and marketing. Although I’m thankful for the little successes and milestones I was able to reach, there were several things I wish I could have done differently before and after self-publishing my […]

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Till Life Do Us Part published at Smashwords

Till Life Do Us Part is the title of a short story I have recently published at Smashwords who are the world’s largest distributor of indie ebooks to both retailers and libraries.

Inspired by the idea of an ancient culture arranging for people to be married after death, the story is set in the realm of Death, a dark vacuum in deep space.

At only 700 words long the story is meant to be as mentally portable as a poem and invites the reader to consider the consequences of such a tradition.

It is also my way back into epublishing which I am getting to grips with again with the help of free tools and support provided by the distributor such as Mark Coker’s Style Guide.

I first discovered Smashwords in 2012 and chose them as my edistributor for many reasons including the ethos of the company and the freedom to publish across a number of genres.

To find out more about this eplatform or to read Till Life Do Us Part go to


How to Be Taken Seriously as a Writer

Having bumped into a few people lately who have asked me what I am doing now, the answer is I am still writing, but currently for pleasure rather than for publication or performance. Many of Katy’s comments in this post strike a chord with me. I hope they will with you also.

A Writer's Path


by Kate Colby

So writing is your creative calling, your life’s purpose, your ultimate joy. Congratulations! You’re part of (in my totally unbiased opinion) one of the best groups of people in the world. You know it, I know it — and yet, your friends and family don’t.

After all, what’s so special about being a writer? Literally billions of people on the planet write every day. It’s a basic life skill, one of the first we learn. And as a career? Psh! You might as well steal a cardboard box from behind your local grocery store and get comfy on the street.

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Poetry in Durham and the North East

Poetry in Durham and the North East is a free exhibition at Durham University’s Palace Green Library on the Palace Green in Durham.

Although the exhibition has been running for some time I happened across it by chance yesterday while meeting up with a friend in the city.

The exhibition tells the story of poetry in the north east and consists of material selected from the archives of both the Palace Green Library and the Northern Poetry Library.

In addition to exploring the place of both traditional and modern verse, visitors are introduced to the idea of the ‘anchored terset’, a new short form of poetry consisting of 3 words over 3 lines with punctuation (the anchor) in the final fourth line.

Visitors are invited to have a go at creating a terset either in situ or via tweet @PalaceGreenLib#anchoredterset. To find out more about either this verse form or the exhibition which runs until 26th February go to

Seven Thoughts from Zen and the Pen


I purchased Zen and the Pen by Robert Christopher (End Cottage Press: 2013) at the Japanese Garden in North Clifton some months ago but only got round to reading it this week. Below are seven thoughts distilled from the book which aims to stimulate the reader to writer his/her own book in 90 days.

  1. The Way of the Samurai was to move forward rapidly in the spirit of Bushido, and then retreat until the spirit moved him again. (This has been the way of my writing while my creative energies have been engaged in other projects.)
  2. The author recommends listening to your own mind telling its unique story, written in your own special voice. (Through meditation I have thought of a new writing project.)
  3. He also suggests adopting Steinbeck’s style of keeping a day book in which the left hand page is used as a sounding board (for diary style writing and thinking) and the right hand side is used for the day’s essay/unique story. (A blank spiral bound pad of paper awaits my pen and I will give this method a go.)
  4. The fourth thought is that success in writing is more about the journey than the destination. Robert Christopher also invites us to consider remaking a journey.      (Ian and I are hoping to remake our motorhome tour of New Zealand this year. We are currently on standby as tour escorts for three trips.)
  5. Zen and the Pen tells us to write about our own dream/wish and its possible fulfilment. (Being ‘On Standby’ is the theme of my new writing project.)
  6. Another section of the book suggests starting one’s own archive today. This involves collecting material so that it is ready when the opportunity comes along. (I have several awaiting publication.)
  7. Thought seven is about what you would like to spend the next ten years perfecting. (If like me ten years is too big a chunk of time to contemplate, how about five?

I hope you find these thoughts useful points for reflection and wish you happy writing in the Year of the Rooster.

7 things you need to know about… Poetry

Scarborough Mysteries

felixToday I am delighted to welcome poet and performer, Felix Hodcroft to my blog. Felix Hodcroft gained a BA in English Literature more years ago than he seems (to himself at least) to have been alive. His publications include a volume of his own poetry, Life after Life after Death and an anthology of poetry by North and East Yorkshire writers, A Pocketful of Windows, both published by Valley Press: He teaches poetry on the Creative Writing course at Hull University. He writes and performs with Sue Wilsea as ‘The Hull to Scarborough Line’. With Sarah Dew, Jane Sudworth and Helen Birmingham, he writes and performs as ‘Poetry on Fire’. With Helen, he co-compères the regular Open Mic Cabaret sessions at Woodend, Scarborough ( He has also performed as a solo poetry performer and with Beach Hut Theatre and Springboard Scriptwriters in Scarborough.

The 7…

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Cathedral door opens


I am delighted to announce that Durham Cathedral has opened its door to my poem ‘Finding Sanctuary,’ which will be sold in its shop with proceeds going towards the restoration fund.

The poem was inspired by the ancient custom of banging the cathedral’s door knocker to request a period of sanctuary and has been produced on a bookmark bearing a picture of both the knocker and the cathedral.

Photographs were taken and the bookmark produced with the help of photographer Andrew Heptinstall whose range of Durham inspired photographs can be found at

My thanks go to Andrew for collaborating on this idea with me and to Dr. Anne Allen who secured the outlet for our finished product. We hope that it will appeal to visitors to the cathedral.

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